Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Life's unexpected turns bring me back to my spiritual roots

Hello folks,

It's been a while since I posted anything here. I know, I keep saying that in every post ;)

My life took some wild turns from the time of the last post. Well, it's no surprise since it's 4+ years since the last post. Only thing I have to say is that I'm now alone. I no longer have any of my immediate family members alive on this planet. Yeah it is sad.

Though I was all gone wild the last 4 years, forgetting my spiritual side and was just having fun in life being busy in my profession, going crazy with cars bla bla, suddenly standing alone in the world without any of my family members alive has shook me back into reality. Brought me down to earth... and has made me think.

When you see one of your loved ones go through an ordeal and then you see them lying in the morgue, you get this shot of reality that you can't miss. One can no longer goof around carefree, at least not for 6 months. This has brought my spiritual side back, which is a good thing. That's the reason you are seeing a new post here. Because I am back trying meditation, lucid dreaming and astral projection. I really hope that I won't get distracted from these no matter how much fun I have in life.

Because I'm into Audiobooks these days, I tried a couple of Lucid Dreaming and Meditation related ones. One awesome Lucid Dreaming related audiobook I came across was by Robert Moss called Dream Gates... and it's amazing! Just check all the awesome reviews yourself on that page. It's 9 hours! So I am still not done with it. I will get back to you all once I complete it, to give my full feedback about it.

Did you try any new audiobook on Lucid Dreaming lately? Do you have any recommendations that has helped you greatly? Maybe it will be helpful for others too... Let us know in the comments.

Mourning and sadness apart, I'm back... because "the truth" cannot be hidden for long :)

That's all for today friends... dream on!

- Maximus

Monday, August 16, 2010

First partial Astral projection experience.

I am a happy man today :)

Last night I had my first partial astral projection experience! And it was simply amazing (thought I didn't separate fully).

I was NOT trying astral project for almost an year. My main interest was always been lucid dreaming (hence the title of this blog!). One reason was the FUN that is possible in lucid dreaming... ability to 'create' things as if by magic, singing, flying etc... and its all in your mind. So there's nothing to worry.

The reason why I suddenly had an astral experience was because of an ebook! Its a free one, and its really effective (just reading it yesterday gave me my initial experience). And yes I have it for download for you all. So that you all can also try and benefit from it. After all thats the reason why I update this blog, at least once in a blue-moon ;)

So what happened was...

I read this ebook named School of Out-of-Body Travel. A Practical Guidebook by Michael Raduga in the evening yesterday. Step by step without a hurry. It was great. Explained in simple terms and always positive and encouraging.

It describes the 'indirect' methods of entering the phase (thats how Michael Raduga calls it). What he basically lists to be done...
  1. Sleep enough.
  2. Keep the intention to astral project (reading that ebook helped).
  3. Keep eyes closed and stay motionless when waking up.
  4. Perform an indirect technique to get and increase vibrations
  5. Perform an exit technique to get out of the physical body
  6. etc...
Here for some reason, I didn't perform any indirect techniques to get to the vibrational stage when I woke up. I was already in the vibrational stage when I woke up!. So it helped me in a great way to try and separate.

I 'willed' to increase my vibrations and it responded to my will. Its like controlling an electric current by will. When the vibrations increased, I was able to lift my arms (that were above either side of the pillow, the astral arms that is). It felt SOOO real. I thought I am lifting my physical arm. But when I couldn't lift up fully and bring them down to rest on the bed I felt the physical hand too!

I was able to lift my head and up to my upper-chest along with my arms above. I was even able to lift my legs a bit, one at a time. But my midsection never moved! I was trying to separate again and again. At one point, I felt like someone was pulling with my arms to help me come out!

It was an inspiring experience. I am going to try astral projection regularly hereafter. I believe you all will also benefit from this free ebook of  Michael Raduga.

Click here to download the ebook. (please let me know if there's any problem downloading it, in the comments section)

Lets meet in the Astral! Wish you all a great adventure.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Chained dreams without any sense

Had a night of uncontrollable dreams... the kind that has no link between each other, and no sense at all...

I was in my home town, in the previous house our family owned. It was so long since I saw this house in a dream. My car has been parked but somebody in the neighbourhood has taken it for a ride and I was annoyed about it. It lasted only a while and suddenly I was walking along the roads of my home town... in the city wearing an Indian sarong and covering my head and bust with a bead sheet! It felt very cold. This is because I was really cuddled in bed under a bed sheet in a cold night... I think that is the reason for this bed sheet covered walk in the dream :-)

When this scene changed, I was in my car... driving happily in the roads of my home town... there was no much traffic as usual and I was enjoying the ride thinking, "its always a bliss to drive in the roads of my hometown". I really felt happy about the lack of traffic. Because I live in a place where traffic jams are a common thing.

Then I was walking near a playground where there were so many people standing in bunches talking to each other. I see in the middle of the playground a bunch of guys who looked like thugs, harassing someone... in an instant I started to behave like a policeman and went and started insulting them (the thugs). The guys were scared seeing me and I was playing the 'macho man' role for a while, rescuing the innocent civilian who was harassed by them.

Again the scene changes and I am entering a silent house... creeping into a room, there was someone hiding behind the door... someone who was very nervous, holding a knife! I was with a weird kind of knife too and in the other hand i was holding a gun. I calm the nervous man and become friends with him and have tea with him! ;-)

There appears a girl I know well, she talks to me about something serious, and leaves. When I come out of the house, I am standing in front of our previous family house again. Somebody was driving my car there in front of the house, trying to park it in a corner. That person had a swollen skull!

Then I am inside our previous house and somebody knock the door. I see through the hole and see that its the 2 kids I knew from across town. The younger one, a girl is now grown a bit and looked cute. They come inside and that's all I remember about them...

I am standing again in town and see someone selling lottery... I go there and try to buy a lottery ticket and find that the document looks weird.. something like a passport. I find it hard to understand but I buy one and leave there...

The above dreams were coming in a sequence... God only knows why dreams make no sense sometimes ;-)

Hope I would become lucid soon...

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Real" promises get to the subconscious

This is the 5th time I saw a similar dream. A dream where I am about to smoke or have smoked a little and freak out!

It most probably would sound childish to the western mind. That is understandable. But for people who beleive in true love, it won't... I have promised my girlfriend that I will never smoke in my life!

In countries where new girlfriends are needed every month, this would be a funny thing. But in a 3rd world culture, where most men love and live with only one woman, it's romantic.

The promise has sunken so deep that I won't even smoke in my dreams.

I saw a dream couple of days ago, which is the 5th of the kind where I was searching for cigarettes. I get some after some serious searching in the dream world. Then, suddenly i remember the promise i've made to my love and freak out!

It always puts me in a romantic mood and opportunity the following day, when i describe the dream to my girlfriend... if you know what i mean ;-)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The most important factor to have lucid dreams

This factor not only affects lucid dreaming frequency/lucidity level, it affects every human endeavor. It has been told by many philosophers/authors in the past...

The factor is... the "burning desire".

Imagine a qualified doctor. He may be the batch-top. But when it comes to success in his career, to become the most popular doctor, he will have to have that special something in him... a burning desire to cure people and save many lives (or at least a great self-satisfaction in doing so).

A man can earn a doctorate in Software Development, but the well-paid, popular software engineer would be the one who has a burning desire to develop great software, despite his qualifications.

The list can go on...

I knew this applies to lucid dreaming/OBE too. But last night it really sunk in. I wrote about a successful lucid dreaming dawn on this post. Since yesterday was also a day that I had a free mind (a Sunday as in the successful experience), I thought of doing the SAME things to achieve lucidity.

I went to sleep at around 11 PM (as opposed to my usual 12 AM time). Woke up at around 03:25 AM. Went to the washroom. Kept the lights on and wandered here and there in the room thinking of lucid dreaming (what to do when I become lucid) for about 10 minutes. Switched the lights off and read an article about lucid dreaming using my mobile phone for about 10 minutes... then closed my eyes to fall asleep.

As expected, I became lucid in the first dream itself. But the lucidity level was not even close to the previous experience I posted about. I had to 'force' myself so much to make things clear in the dream. The details were all blurry. I didn't even remember to look at my hands to achieve more clarity. The dreams seemed to last only a couple of seconds. This happened a couple of times and after that, I don't remember dreaming.

So the reason I see here for the failure is, lack of a "burning desire" to have lucid dreams.

Since I had a successful experience last time, that has killed my enthusiasm by giving me a sense of contempt. I should find a way to motivate myself and to convince my mind that it's "not enough". So that I will have the "burning desire" to have lucid dreams continuously.

Sweet Dreams...